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Moma footwear

28 Oct 2022
Le calzature Moma

On the Sergio Fabbri website you can find the best Moma shoes , a 100% Italian company specialized in the production of men's shoes. Each shoe comes from simple ideas and continuous experimentation and is inspired by nature, which has always been a point of reference for the creation of new collections.

In particular, the founders make all kinds of shoes – boots, lace-ups, moccasins – which are inspired by the more rustic peasant culture of the Marche region. There are also many and different professionals in the laboratory, which involves designers and artists to make fashion through the creation of ever new footwear, while keeping the brand's identity intact. Moma shoes narrate the changes in nature and are inspired by moss, rust and vegetation.

Moma footwear: design and artisan quality
The idea behind Moma footwear is to communicate the history of the truest and most traditional Made in Italy. It is a new concept of footwear that is also reflected in the materials used, such as aged leather which is a typical feature of the brand.
On the Sergio Fabbri website it is possible to buy the best Moma footwear and discover the design, vintage taste and quality of an Italian artisan company. Even the Moma laboratory recalls the old artisan workshop with the presence of expert shoemakers and still today the brand tells of a quality and style that have led to national and international success.

Each Moma shoe is made entirely in Italy and designed for men with a rock and retro style, but never vintage. It is no coincidence that they are shoes that everyone likes and for this reason also on the Sergio Fabbri online shop you can find flat shoes, moccasins and ankle boots made with high quality leather and 100% Made in Italy .
You just have to discover the entire Moma shoe catalog and choose the one that best suits your needs, your style and your personality.

Discover the Moma proposals on Sergio Fabbri

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