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Passione Clogs: Clogs are back in Fashion

28 Oct 2022
Passione Clogs: gli Zoccoli tornano di Moda

Until a few years ago whoever wore a pair of clogs incurred the surprised and reprehensible looks of people who saw in this particular pair of shoes a retro design that preserved its peasant and popular origins in the shapes. In 2019 clogs conquer the fashion world and become the must-have footwear for both the winter and summer seasons: worn with heavy terry socks or on bare feet , clogs lend themselves to completing all looks with a glamorous touch. The passion for clogs also invests the Sergio Fabbri shop which makes the trendiest models of the 2019 season its own.

Born in the 16th century in Holland but made famous by the Danish brand Dansko, clogs are wooden and leather clogs appreciated for their comfort. When clogs land on the catwalks of high fashion brands such as Dior or Gucci, their destiny as trendy shoes is sealed and clogs are all the rage at the feet of the stars.

Having style and a marked taste for fashion are essential requirements to best match clogs: the Dansko Professional Clogs have a simple design and made of leather and rubber, they are perfect worn with a colored or neutral sock and jeans. While the Dansko Sam Vintage clog in wood and leather is a sandal model, perfect for the summer in combination with a colorful dress.

Not only in leather, the clogs also conquer for their super colored natural materials: the Mou Mu.Woodstrapsu Clog in blue suede and wooden platform is a cheerful and casual model, even more colorful is the version of the Mou Mu.Woodetnic Wored clogs , a shoe open in the back and embellished with an ethnic pattern in bright colors in the front.

The fashion of clogs and wooden clogs has returned directly from the 70s and is driving a female audience crazy who previously saw these shoes with detachment and aversion. Combined with taste and style, these shoes can make any daily look fashionable and trendy. Ready to choose your clogs from Sergio Fabbri and keep up with fashion?
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