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The new Fall/Winter 2018 collection of the ASH brand

28 Oct 2022
La nuova collezione Fall/Winter 2018 del marchio ASH

Discover the new ASH collection on Sergio Fabbri: sneakers, boots, moccasins, flat sarpes, mexican boots... and many other footwear awaits you.
Wear the style for this 2018/2019 winter season .

Main Line: boots and flat shoes accompany the main line of the brand. Within this collection we find the low boot with triangular heel available in Cosmos Black leather; not only boots, moccasins also play their part. The total black ASH moccasin is characterized by a total coverage of studs.
Sport Line: two collections of sneakers available: Amstaf and Liberty. The first collection is made up of high sole shoes and characterized by colorful and geometric details. The Liberty collection is the apotheosis of comfort, as it is structured with a rubber sole and upper in stretch fabric that is easy to wear like a sock.
Mexican Boots: the classic Mexican boots of the ASH brand are back and will accompany us for a long time to come. Low, comfortable, soft boots adorned with characteristic studs and a look full of charm.

A little history ...
The ASH company was born in 2000 from the experience of two founders, an Italian and a French, who combined their skills and stylistic skills to found a footwear brand that combines the best of the footwear know-how of the two countries of origin . The result is a collection of high quality footwear, with a style that is both glamorous and ironic at the same time, suitable for all types of customers looking for a fashionable product with a strong personality. ASH footwear is increasingly gaining the interest of a select clientele, both in Italy and abroad. In our catalog we offer some footwear of this valid brand in step with fashion and with a high-level construction quality even with competitive prices.

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Check out ASH footwear here

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