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Bows everywhere...

28 Oct 2022
Fiocchetti ovunque...

An invasion of bows has been filling the fashion world for the past year, they seem to be omnipresent, sewn, drawn, embroidered, applied, as long as they exist. Once bows were found only in gift packages and a few clips for little girls, now fashion seems to be unable to do without them. Even the fashion catwalks have been flooded, the contamination is now underway to the point that someone even decides to imprint the much-loved bow indelibly on their skin, as the very famous fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni flaunts on her neck.
Symbol of an unripe femininity, perhaps still moved towards adolescence, the bow is actually becoming so popular that it can be found on practically every garment or accessory. Impossible not to have noticed the socks with satin bow on the ankle to show off together with the very cold turn-ups, available in an infinite variety of colors, the bow has also managed to grab the world of tights, pushing on the seduction that passes through the legs .
Even UGG decides to convert to bows, the brand of the famous winter boot therefore decides to embellish its collection with bows matching the shoe and with a tremendously romantic flavor, perhaps also accentuated by the use of pastel tones such as antique pink.
The bow of UGG boots positioned right in the back of the ankle is single in the mini versions of the boots (those up to the ankle) and double in the higher versions. The models with bow at the ankle are different not only in colour, but also in the type of bow made in ribbon or in the "soft" version in wool. The colors in which you can find these trendy UGG boots are light and dark gray, hazelnut, black and the aforementioned pink. A detail that makes UGG boots truly beautiful and unique.
UGG has always been committed to combining the quality of its footwear with the continuous search for style and trend, obviously without lowering the standards of production and its natural materials. If you too are in love with bows and can't resist the UGG boot with this romantic detail, run and try the Bailey and Arielle models in the color variant you prefer. With UGG style and glamor walk together with comfort and your feet are always warm protected by a warm and soft wool.

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Sergio Fabbri
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