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The best models of Premiata branded shoes

13 Feb 2023
I migliori modelli di scarpe marcate Premiata

Sergio Fabbri footwear is the right shop for all those who love quality and fashionable shoes. Among our wide selection of brands today we want to introduce you to the most desired models of the Premiata brand. A brand synonymous with elegance, comfort and style , with comfortable sneakers to wear, in bright and harmonized colors to complete your every look with quality materials.

Among the most desired models we point out Conny for women,  for those looking for versatility and adaptability to any outfit, the perfect addition to any woman's wardrobe.
For both women and men the Mase model is another excellent option. For those looking for a casual but trendy look, with a simple shape and resistant materials, these are the ideal shoes for every day.
In the end,  the Mick and Lander models for men, elegant and comfortable for any occasion, their classic shape makes them a perfect choice for those who want an elegant and sophisticated look.

Sergio Fabbri is always the right choice to find the shoes that are right for you, with a unique shopping experience and safe and fast shipping in 24/48 hours , free with a minimum purchase of 100 euros.
Visit our shop to discover the best Premiata models and much more.

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