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Jeffrey Campbell: a latest generation American footwear brand

28 Oct 2022
Jeffrey Campbell: un brand di calzature americane di ultima generazione

Discover Jeffrey Campbell's exclusive and eccentric footwear on Sergio Fabbri .
Jeffrey Campbell is an independent footwear brand that seeks to push the boundaries of contemporary style. Headquartered in Los Angeles , the company inspires its employees to follow the emotions and inspirations of their pioneers. With the hope of launching customers towards futuristic silhouettes with attainable lines, Jeffrey Campbell's aim is to create bold footwear for everyone at an affordable price.

The American company is working towards a recognizable and exclusive future by trying to reflect the beauty of clothes of all shapes, ages, ethnicities and genders. One of the many most successful shoes of this brand is undoubtedly the TEKNO Knit Weave Black Sneakers . A sneaker in black fabric with a rubber sole so comfortable that you will feel like you are wearing socks. In fact, its shape recalls that of a pair of sports socks that wrap around the entire foot up to the ankle.

Dress your feet in style and with quality products .
Jeffrey Campbell is a Californian brand that approaches the world of fashion with eccentricity, trying to achieve the famous "American dream". A young and fresh company of shocking yet trendy footwear. Discover the latest Jeffrey Campbell collections on the Sergio Fabbri online shop.

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