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New Diadora sneakers collection: shoes for your Christmas 2018 and beyond

28 Oct 2022
Nuova collezione sneakers Diadora: scarpe per il tuo Natale 2018 e non solo

The new Diadora fall/winter 18-19 collection is available on the Sergio Fabbri store at incredible prices. Winter models and models for the Christmas festivities... discover them now in all variations, for men and women.

Diadora Heritage Boots for Men and Women : the shoes you've been waiting for... discover these boots on the Sergio Fabbri store from the Fall/Winter 18-19 collection. Diadora knows how to amaze, which is why for this season it offers us a completely new and super innovative model inspired by the company's anniversary. A product capable of telling the story of this brand through the quality of the materials and the technology of the Vibram sole. Practicality and functionality in a single boot that comes from the Diadora artisan workshop inspired by the company's 80s. These mountain boots are in colored nylon and suede and consist of a double colored lace; do not miss the logo on the side of the shoe with avant-garde rubber sole.

DIADORA KOALA X-MAS Women's Sneaker : for this Christmas, the brand has decided to create a model in three color variations, all characterized by sequined sides. Women's sneakers full of light and Christmas spirit, which will accompany you in these joyful holidays. The classic form of the Diadora sneakers features the brand logo on the sides in rose gold leather and under it most of the shoe is covered in silver, burgundy or black glitter with pink reflections. The rest of the shoe is matching the shades of the sequins, and in quality suede with a rubber sole for unique comfort.

Look at the Diadora shoes on Sergio Fabbri

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