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The new collection of Premiata sneakers is available on Sergio Fabbri

28 Oct 2022
La nuova collezione di sneakers Premiata è disponibile su Sergio Fabbri

Discover now the new Premiata 2018/2019 Sneakers collection, available on Sergio Fabbri at special prices . Look at the models in the “ Premiata Shoes ” category:

Mase sneakers : this leather and fabric shoe is available in different colors and all new patterns. A masculine model that goes perfectly with a stylish pair of jeans. Discover the colors now!
Mick sneakers: if you are looking for elegance and sportiness in a shoe, then you have found it. This model is the perfect symbiosis between style and sophistication. Try it with elegant trousers.
Lucy sneakers : if you love the comfort of sneakers but don't want to give up on fashion and extravagance, then this model available in silver and gold is for you!
Holly sneakers : keep your feet warm and in style. Discover the softness of this special model and fall in love with the slightly "hairy" style.

These are just some of the new models available, the other Premiata shoes await you on the Sergio Fabbri online shop.
By now sneakers represent must-have footwear that everyone must own and wear; suitable for any outfit, whether sporty or elegant, these sneakers know what they are doing and you can adapt to any occasion. With jeans, with elegant trousers, with a skirt, with sports trousers… Premiata is many shoes in a single model. Create your own style and customize it as you like with these sneakers: colorful or simple, they are all characterized by unique and futuristic details.

Discover the new Preamiata collection now

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