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New brands on Sergio Fabbri: In My Shoes

28 Oct 2022
Nuovi brand su Sergio Fabbri: In My Shoes

Among the many new brands recently added to the Serio Fabbri store, there is also In My Shoes.
High quality footwear with a contemporary design, comfortable and well suited to the style of every woman.
Lively and never banal sneakers , they will become the protagonists of your look, emphasizing your figure.
Discover them in all their splendor in our online shop .
Among the latest arrivals we want to bring to your attention one of the many models that we have recently included in the Sergio Fabbri footwear catalogue; we are talking about the IN MY SHOES 2020 PINK/SILVER Sneaker .
With its soft and extremely feminine colors you will feel like modern princesses, protagonists of a modern day fairy tale.
An upper in antique pink suede with details in silver laminated leather on the front and detail in white smooth leather, between a side star; the upper part of the heel, on the other hand, is of a dark gray suede type.
The whole is completed by silver-colored strings and a 2.5 cm high bottom.
They can be purchased on our shop at the best price and are available in sizes ranging from 35 to 40.
Obviously they will arrive directly to your home or wherever you prefer quickly .
Finally, we remind you that Sergio Fabbri always offers his customers interesting promotions and advantageous extra discount codes that will allow you to buy your new In My Shoes shoes at an unbeatable price.
If you too want a new pair of shoes, choose the Sergio Fabbri store, choose In My Shoes!

Discover all the In My Shoes footwear;

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