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New brands on Sergio Fabbri: Champion X Chiara Ferragni

28 Oct 2022
Nuovi brand su Sergio Fabbri: Champion X Chiara Ferragni

Sergio Fabbri loves to always be "on point" and does not miss any news regarding fashion and trends.
And when an icon of trendy sportswear joins an influencer , who invented being an influencer, our store cannot but have in its catalog the clothing and accessories that arise from this union.
We are talking about the Champion X Chiara Ferragni collection.
The one who first managed to have around 20 million followers on Instagram has created a collection that leaves its mark.
Recognizable, beautiful to look at and practical to wear, but above all hyper-feminine .
An unmistakable style with characteristic elements present in each creation.
The iconic C of Champion , combined with the written in full, together with the symbolic eye of Chiare Ferragni are the leitmotiv of these creations.
Sergio Fabbri has chosen sweatshirts, T-shirts and hats , sure, which will meet the tastes of our customers.

Among the many proposals today we present the T-shirt with championxchiaraferragni knot 113560 Pink .
Fun and cheeky, perfect for all summer and spring days, combined with any outfit, it manages to be the star of your looks, thanks to the knot on the bottom of the shirt.
The logos, protagonists of the new collection, are alternated on the two sleeves, while the full Champion writing is on the front in silver tones.
This T-shirt presented here is in pink, but on the store it is also available in blue, white and black in sizes M, S and XS.
Choose the one you like best and buy it at the best price on Sergio Fabbri ; will arrive comfortably at your home .

Discover the entire Champion X Chiara Ferragni collection , it's perfect for you who always want to be trendy and with your own style!
You can find every garment and accessory in this line on the Sergio Fabbri online shop .
Take advantage of it!

Discover the new Champion X Chiara Ferragni collection

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