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The original two-tone boot!

28 Oct 2022
L'originale scarponcino bicolore!

The idea of ​​two-tone boots was born in 1912 when Leon Leonwood Bean founded the LLBean company. An avid hunter, Bean created a boot that kept his feet dry as well as warm and protected. To do this, he devised a boot sewn onto a rubber sole which he had a local shoemaker make. From that day on, the ascent of these hunting boots began and Leon Leonwood Bean's shop gradually transformed into a department store that attracted more and more customers, who found his boots innovative and absolutely comfortable. The boots are still made in Maine today with the same process, using only the highest quality materials!

Since then, Bean boots have been synonymous with elegance and pleasure. The pleasure of being sure to wear a pair of shoes that will keep your feet safe despite the weather outside!

The range of models and colors has significantly increased over the years, while always maintaining the typical Bicolor characteristic that has always distinguished itself from all the other Boots ! Appreciated by women for the uniqueness that combines comfort with elegance in a single boot, they have been combined over time with many types of clothing, clearing the idea that they were only suitable for snowy situations, and allowing them to be appreciated also in all contexts .

Perfect with jeans and a warm sweater, they immediately give that feeling of torpor and simplicity, but they can become fashion icons if worn with more sophisticated outfits, playing down and making elegant and classic clothes original.

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