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Promotion: -20% on selected brands

28 Oct 2022
Promozione: -20% su selezionati brand

It will be a very hot week, not only in terms of temperatures, but also for the great promotion that Sergio Fabbri has in store for all of you!
In fact, from June 21st to celebrate the arrival of summer 2021 until June 27th an exclusive promo is active with less than 20% on the specific brand list price , all items, even from the latest collections at a price never seen before .
Don't miss the opportunity, as already mentioned, all this will only be possible for one week, and the number of pieces is obviously limited, we are talking about successful creations, real musthaves!
Curious to find out which maison products you can buy for less than 20%?!
Here they are: Munich, Replay, Rpk, Moma, Michael Kors, Steve Madden, Premiata, Sanyako, Ash, Saucony, Guess, WindsorSmith, Bruno Bordese, El Vaquero, Gaia Shoes, Lemare, Liu Jo, La Carrie, P448, Okinawa, Ishikava, Stockton, Poesie Veneziane, Pomme D'Ore, Prosperine, Versace, Jeffrey Campbell, Date, Via Roma 15, Elena Iachi, Moschino, Panchic, and Moa Concept.
Footwear, clothing, bags and accessories that cannot be missing from your wardrobe; quality creations, unique in their design, which best express the contemporary, designed for a woman and a man who love to dress the best that the most popular Made in Italy and international Maisons constantly offer.
We remind you that this promotion is active only and exclusively from June 21st to 27th , so if you've been eyeing a sneaker or a bag for a long time, this is definitely the right time to buy it, here on our online shop.
Obviously Sergio Fabbri always guarantees you a one-of-a-kind shopping experience : fast shipping (very fast if you place your order in the morning, on weekdays your orders leave the same day), with free deliveries for purchases over 49 euros, and so is the return (for purchases over 100 euros).
The best brands 20% off?! Only on the Sergio Fabbri concept store and only from June 21st to 27th!

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