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Ugg sandals

28 Oct 2022
I sandali Ugg

Today here on the blog of the Sergio Fabbri concept store we are talking about one of those brands that in the collective imagination immediately recalls winter and cold days... no, we are not wrong with the season, we know that we are at the gates of summer , and that surely right now you need summer footwear ... Well yes Ugg famous for its warm, comfortable and uniquely designed boots, does not abandon you even during the summer, and offers interesting sandals that fully reflect the vision of the Maison in the summer declination.
Creations that are loved at first glance, with volumes with a strong character and colors that often do not go unnoticed.
At the moment in the Sergio Fabbri shop there are various Ugg items such as the UGG SPORT YEAH sandal , perfect for a carefree day, it can accompany you on the beach or by the pool, but also for an aperitif with friends combined with jeans: already from the photograph it exudes unrivaled practicality and comfort. Soft, enveloping, cheerful, it will accompany you in a lively way. Extremely trendy with its large dimensions, which are highlighted in all its aesthetics, it is made with a rubber upper , and strap with Ugg design in fabric and velcro. The wedge height is just under 4 cm.
Right now it's available in three colors , two bright and fluorescent, a lemon yellow and a fuchsia pink , and a classic black shade.
Beautiful and versatile, these sandals cannot be missing from the summer 2022 must-haves .
Available in various sizes ranging from number 36 to number 41, we advise you to order them immediately because their sold out is very likely.
Sergio Fabbri also for this article offers you the usual high-level purchasing experience with express shipments in 24/48 hours.

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