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Discover Black Friday on Sergio Fabbri: discounts on footwear

28 Oct 2022
Scopri il Black Friday su Sergio Fabbri: sconti sulle calzature

Discover Black Friday on Sergio Fabbri.
Lots of shoes in promotion for these Black Days ... not to be missed!
Footwear such as Premiata, Buffalo, Saucony, Dr Martens, UGG, Windsor Smith, Steve Madden, Blundstone, Moma, GUM, AS 98 and many other brands at incredible discounts .
Take advantage of Black Friday to have your must-haves on your feet this year: boots, sneakers, ankle boots, stilettos, elegant flats but also large bags, shoulder bags, backpacks and much more.
Look at the fabulous collection chosen by us for you at promotional prices and take advantage of this event to redo your look.
- Boots with fur : Comfortable footwear to wear and perfect for the cold seasons coming as they are able to warm your foot perfectly Everyone is crazy about warm footwear that can perfectly match any outfit.
- Sneakers Premiata : The brand offers several fashionable choices from the company's classic signature style. “Giving life to something new, projecting our ideas towards the future without forgetting who we are and where we come from” this is one of Premiata's corporate concepts.
- Buffalo Sneakers : You either love them or you hate them, but let's face it, they have their own charm that drove all the teenagers of the much-loved 90s crazy and is now perfectly in line with current fashions.
- Dr. Martens amphibians : Boots launched by the Dr. Martens brand many years ago and which are now back in fashion, not only for those with a slightly punk style. Contrary to what one might believe, amphibians can be very versatile shoes suitable for every person.
- UGG fur boots : Whether you are elegant or casual, the fur boot is suitable for any personality and for any daily or serial outfit. Classic or decorated, high, low or medium…. The styles are many but the versatile spirit of UGGs remains for every look.
- Windsor Smith Sneakers : If you love Windsor Smith, if you love fashion, if you love sneakers (not just white!), browse the Sergio Fabbri online catalogue!
- Blundstone Ankle Boots : With the first rains, why not put on an ankle boot? Suitable for men and women, the low boot is ideal for wet and cool days as it is able to keep our feet warm and dry, thus avoiding annoying colds.
- Moma ankle boots : On the Sergio Fabbri online shop, you can find boots, boots and ankle boots suitable for men and women from the important Italian brand MOMA.
- GUM bags : Different patterns available for the new fall/winter 2018-19 collection, all to be discovered and loved.
- AS 98 ankle boots : AS 98 is a brand with a great personality that relies on high quality materials of Italian origin and on design studied to always propose new trends by mixing Italian design with a rocking but also vintage look.
Look now at all the Black Friday promotions proposed by Sergio Fabbri.

Start your Black Friday shoe shopping now

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