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Blundstone: the best leather boots suitable for any occasion

28 Oct 2022
Blundstone: i migliori stivali in pelle adatti ad ogni occasione

With the first rains, why not wear an ankle boot? Suitable for men and women, the low boot is ideal for wet and cool days as it is able to keep our feet warm and dry, thus avoiding annoying colds. On Sergio Fabbri you will find Blundstone boots, to stay fashionable even in the rain! As their motto says “Quite possibly the most durable and comfortable boots ever made.” Yes, because these boots are sturdy and thanks to their distinctive look they give a natural beauty. The Blundstones have that rugged, iconic look that makes you feel at home wherever you are.

Whether you're walking the rugged terrain of Tasmania or the rainy sidewalks of New York City, the scenery and ride will look great in a pair of Blundstones. The new collection of Australian boots is available on the Sergio Fabbri online shop at super prices. Complete your winter look with a pair of leather boots and the classic stretch fabric on the sides, make your outfit unmistakable. Discover now the new BLUNDSTONE boots for men and women on our online shop, look at the prices.

Look at the new Blundstone men's and women's boots

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