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How to wear Dr. Martens boots with style

28 Oct 2022
Come indossare gli stivali Dr. Martens con stile

Autumn has officially arrived, take out your Dr. Martens boots and show them off immediately with the most varied looks. On Sergio Fabbri you will find the new collection and the most iconic models of this brand famous for its amphibians and boots all over the world. The shoe loved by young people always in fashion able to perfectly complement any style, find out how with us!

Look Fashion : Dr Martens have now become fashionable accessories and therefore you can use and combine them with trendy hair, bags and jackets.

Look Grunge: if you love the 90s, ripped jeans, "scruffy" looks, well these boots will be your right allies.

Professional Look: yes to the Dr. Martens combat boots with tights and elegant skirt, also try the brand's lace-up shoes that go well with any office look.

Casual Look: Dr. Martens boots are the top for the casual everyday look. With leggings and a maxi sweater or with jeans and a t-shit they are ideal for our relaxing days.

Romantic look: these boots are also perfect with tights or without and a super feminine dress. Loose hair and floral patterns combined with these boots will transform you into true fashionable princesses.

Choose your look and complete it with Dr. Martens boots or flats to be on trend.
The models of this brand are available on the Sergio Fabbri Online Shop.

Discover the right Dr Martens for you here >>

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