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How to wear UGG boots to be fashionable

28 Oct 2022
Come indossare gli stivali UGG per essere alla moda

UGG is a quality brand appreciated all over the world that has been worn by all kinds of women for years. Whether you are elegant or casual, the fur boot is suitable for any personality and for any daily or serial outfit. Classic or decorated, high, low or medium…. The styles are many but the versatile spirit of UGGs remains for every look.

Many don't wear them because they are afraid of the short and stubby legs effect, but the secret is to wear these furry boots with tight trousers , leggings or tights.
Believe it or not, despite their plumpness, these shoes are truly wearable with everything.

Suitable for daytime and casual style, try them with tight jeans tucked into boots or leggings and a maxi sweater.
For the office, black leather leggings with a white shirt framed by a light coat will make you a professional woman without stilettos while remaining comfortable all day long.

As far as color combinations are concerned , hazelnut ankle boots are the ones that go best with everything. Then combine the biscuit -colored UGGs with jeans underneath and cold garments, such as blue or gray underneath. If you love chocolate UGGs more, then choose to wear them together with looks of various kinds, always staying on neutral colors such as black, beige and brown.
For a more refined and soft look, gray UGGs are perfect with gray garments combined with white garments, for a "snow queen" effect.

If you want to apply our advice, run to discover all the shades and varieties of fur UGG boots available on Sergio Fabbri. Brown, blue, black, grey, with bow or buckle, you choose the style!

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