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Rebelle Bags By Georgette Polizzi: the news on Sergio Fabbri

28 Oct 2022
Borse Rebelle By Georgette Polizzi: la novità su Sergio Fabbri

If you love Georgette Polizz i, then take a look at the new collection of Rebelle handbags . For the uninitiated, Georgette Polizzi is a famous stylist and influencer known for having participated in the television program Temptation Island and for the strength with which she faces her disease discovered in 2018 every day: multiple sclerosis.
The well-known designer and influencer already owns another fashion brand born in 2011 and a manufacturer of very special t-shirts: Georgettepol . The brand obviously strengthens after participation in the famous television program.

In fact, over the years the production has expanded, bringing the brand to the creation of jackets, beauty bags and accessories; like the Rebelle bags , which from today you can find available on the Sergio Fabbri online shop at very affordable prices. Georgette Polizzi's brand is characterized by cigarette burns, stains and colors, but the collection we will talk about today is totally different. In fact, on the store you can find trendy and simple bags, characterized however by a spirit totally full of life and colors. The proposed models are the Clio bag and the Monik bag and: now we present them to you.

Clio Rebelle bag
Available in various colors, this satchel bag is made of genuine leather , obviously Made in Italy . A versatile bag that can be carried by hand or over the shoulder, it features two external pockets and a charm with the fluorescent logo that can be used as a key ring.

Monike Rebelle bag
This larger version can also be purchased in different shades. A real shopping bag equipped with a double handle, so that it can be used both by hand and on the shoulder. Here too there are two pockets for objects, a truly practical and fashionable bag.

Discover now all the models and colors of the Rebelle By Georgette Polizzi bags available on the Sergio Fabbri online shop

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