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The best brands of the moment at half price!

28 Oct 2022
I migliori Brand del momento a metà prezzo!

Incredible, the end of January offers unexpected surprises in the final sales. For all our customers we have put some of the most successful brands at half price. You can find a wide assortment of models from this winter's biggest hits. Shoes that have made so many of you dream can now be purchased at an incredible price.

But let's see in detail what are the Super Discounted shoe brands

AS98 shoes are truly unique and unmistakable. Rock-style references with studs, zips, elastic bands and buttons immediately recall a decisive and unconventional imprint. Shoes that have won the hearts of many people thanks to their gritty and decisive lines, a shoe with character that knows how to impose itself and recreate absolutely original and different outfits thanks to its own personality.

Janet & Janet shoes have a metropolitan and cosmopolitan style. Enterprising shoes that challenge every day with their sure and distinct interceding. Models that reflect the trends picked up on the street, revisiting them in a more captivating and exclusive style. Quality leathers that make these shoes not only special from an aesthetic point of view but also from a qualitative point of view. The details chisel the models in the collection in an original and unique way, enhancing their final appearance. Moma shoes are perfect for those looking for footwear with an ancient soul reinvented in a modern style.

In fact, Moma footwear stands out for capturing the essence of two completely different styles, the vintage and the metropolitan one. The Moma laboratories experiment with the different combinations through intuition and elaboration, forging models that reflect not only the high quality of the product but also its exclusive and unique essence. The basic concept of the Moma brand is a bit like those of the old craftsman's workshops, where experimentation combined with skill created the new.

The young Kendall and Kylie shoes , young since they made their appearance in 1995, quickly became a fashion and glamor icon, inspiring many women with their refined class. A variegated style that is influenced by various contaminations ranging from ethnic to rock-hectare, also incorporating details inspired by past centuries. A mix of innovation with an ancient aftertaste that has won over many customers for its incredible originality. Sensual shoes that completely rework the wardrobe thanks to the innate class that distinguishes them.

The success of the Michael Kors brand is linked to its ability to combine elegance with sportiness. An apparently difficult union which, however, finds a happy union in the Michael Kors brand.

High fashion at the service of practicality and everyday life. Making the haughty classy shoe a more casual object and making it wear by many women in their daily routine. A creative marriage that stood out and managed to conquer a podium in the variegated world of footwear.

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