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Big brands at half price!

28 Oct 2022
Grandi Marchi a metà prezzo!

Today we're talking about a model from the Sneaker Sizey collection called Sharky from the Premiata Brand. Extremely light and comfortable shoe to wear, it is distinguished by the upper covering made up of different assemblies of particular cuts. In the background various symbols of the earth and the sea are represented, the brand has always stood out for its way of conceiving sneakers in an original and avant-garde way, using innovative materials and sophisticated color solutions that have distinguished them from all the others. The extreme comfort of fit has then sanctioned this lucky combination of style and practicality. On our online shop you can find the Premiata Sharky model at VERY DISCOUNTED PRICES!

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Another super discounted brand on our shop are the AME Texans . Detailed care of the materials used and maximum craftsmanship professionalism, the brand is outlined as a perfect mix between an elegant and impactful design and a comfortable fit. A rich collection of models allows you to redefine refined or casual outfits and it is precisely one of the top models we want to talk about. The Ame Texan in black or burnt cowhide is a Texan with a classic line, in smooth leather upper it has decorations engraved on the leather that recall the typical details of Texans. The heel height is about 4 centimeters, perfect for busy working days or busy schedules. You can go up and down all day long without sacrificing style and trendy clothing. Now you can buy these Texans at half price in our shop. A unique opportunity to try on these iconic Texans and have them in your wardrobe.

“A Timberland is forever!” Having a Timberland shoe in your wardrobe is not just a winter purchase that concerns a specific season but it is a unique and versatile model that can be worn throughout the year, combining its decisive appearance with clothes and accessories that enhance or play down its personality. Indestructible shoes, they last over time and are enhanced even more over the years, they can be worn on any type of terrain and even on any type of occasion, even the most mundane! Today the assortment of Timberland footwear is very wide, and ranges in taste and type from the classic boots that have become an icon of the 80s to moccasins and lace-up shoes.

Don't miss the opportunity to have them on your feet at half the price, in the Sergio Fabbri shop you can in fact find some models of this timeless brand at half price!

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