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Men's footwear

28 Oct 2022
Calzature uomo

In Forrest Gump the protagonist says: " Mum always said that you can tell many things from a person's shoes, where they go, what they do, where they've been ."
We could add that, by observing men's shoes , one can also intuit the aesthetic taste of the wearer, his or her predilection for comfort, for life in the open air or for worldliness. Today the world of men's shoes has nothing to envy to that of the female counterpart, always full of new models, lively and prone to playful experimentation with styles and codes.

Our e-shop allows you to calmly browse hundreds of models, sitting comfortably in your home; filter the results by number, brand, model and find the shoe that best suits you and your needs. The goods will arrive comfortably and directly to your home, reliably and quickly, throughout Italy.

It is said that every time a man gets dressed, he should have at least five pairs of shoes to choose from. The existing basic models for men's shoes, which allow you to face every possible situation, formal or informal, are however many more. Let's see some of them together!

One of the most versatile shoes to keep in the closet is the men's ankle boot , or boots . In reality, a world of variations opens up below this definition: there is the Biker (with references to the world of motorcycles, buckles and studs), there is the Chelsea boots (without laces, with elastic band on the ankle), the Desert boots (the suede and iconic Clarks). In general, ankle boots are suitable for informal, casual occasions. Very comfortable and warm during the winter season, the version with rubber sole and leather upper, after a good waterproofing treatment, can withstand the water on city streets well.

To be worn during sport or a simple walk, the inevitable sneakers arrive. By now they can no longer be considered shoes for exclusively sports use, in fact, if combined with taste, they can make a chic outfit very interesting. They exist in so many versions, in basic colors or in shocking hues, with laces of all shapes and fabrics, with anatomical bottoms or not. It can be said that there is a sneaker for every occasion! Here you will find many famous brands for their models of sports shoes with laces for men : Saucony, P448, Premiata, Superga, Diadora, all brands characterized by high quality materials and durability.

For more formal occasions, the Oxford model is a must in every man's wardrobe: it is an elegant lace-up with closed fastening. For ceremonies, gala evenings and the most important appointments of one's life, these are the most suitable footwear. Let's not forget that, with certain types of dress, such as a tuxedo and a tailcoat, they are the only shoes allowed. Much loved, and perhaps more versatile than the Oxfords, especially suitable for young boys, are the Derbies . It is always an elegant lace-up, but this type, with the so-called "open" fastening, lends itself well to being worn even in the office or on more casual occasions. If you love decorations, a much appreciated model is that of the Brogues : basically they are Oxfords, or Derbys, enriched with embroidery or punching in the leather, which form designs on the upper.

The men's moccasin , in leather or suede, lends itself very well to those looking for a modern dandy look: in spring and summer, combined with ankle-length trousers, with bare feet, they manage to give an unsurpassed touch of elegance. Again, the original monk straps : these are elegant shoes, usually in shiny leather, with a side leather tongue, which closes over the upper with metal hooks.

For the summer, espadrilles , cotton and rubber shoes with rope covering the sole, cannot be missing. They are light, available in many different colors, easy to combine and perfect for warm summer evenings. For the day, why not treat yourself to a nice men's sandal ? There are many models, they leave the foot fresh and can be combined with the most diverse outfits. We have selected various models of the Teva brand for you on our e-shop. They have a very original design on the foot! Rubber, leather, leather, linen: the materials used are many.

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