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Footwear and women's shoes

28 Oct 2022
Calzature e scarpe da donna

Shoes, for women, are not just fashion accessories. Often they become life partners. Just take a look at any shoe in our closet to bring back a memory: the first date, a fun party, a decisive business meeting. The world of fashion comes to meet us, always churning out new models of shoes, seducing us with materials and colors that attract attention. Constantly populating your own small private arsenal of footwear, choosing new models to complement the historical ones, is always a joy!

On our shoe e-shop you can find a selection of women's shoes from the best brands around: Steve Madden, P448, Dansko... these are just some of the brands we deal with. Browse our always updated catalog, discover the models, available in all numbers, choose the one you like best and order: you will receive it directly to your home in a few days!

Among the models of women's shoes that cannot be missing from every lady's collection, or must haves , how can we not mention the black décolleté , with vertiginous or medium heels, with or without plateau, with or without ankle strap, to show off on the most formal, combining it with evening dresses or jacket-pants suits? For the summer, the décolleté can be excellently replaced by a high black sandal , perhaps embellished with rhinestones and applications, or shiny patent leather.

At the opposite extreme, as an occasion for use, we find sneakers ! There are many brands and infinite variations: On our e-shop you will find brands such as Crime, Ash, Michael Kors, Pony; the classic Diadora, Superga and many others.

A pair of sneakers in basic colors should never be missing in the wardrobe: white, black or grey, easy to combine with everything. Then, let your imagination run wild! The world of women's sports lace-up shoes is truly multifaceted and full of inventiveness, with laces in particular fabrics, metal applications and much more.

The summer version of sneakers are sandals without heels , or with heels up to three centimetres, whether they are flip flops or bandeau. You can indulge yourself with many different models and colors, to always wear on casual occasions. Another kind of shoe that is very popular in the summer is the espadrille , a shoe in cotton or linen with a rope and rubber sole. It is a real pass partout as it is possible to combine it in many different ways.

Always without heels, ultra-feminine and comfortable, suitable for mid-season and an active life, we find the ballet flats: here too the creativity of the designers indulges itself, to the point of creating very whimsical models, but even a simple pair of flat-coloured flats will succeed to "close" various outfits, on more or less formal occasions. They make a pair of jeans sweet and sophisticated, they reinforce the romanticism of a dress or skirt.

At the opposite extreme, if we want to make a dress more gritty, we can combine it with a low black leather boot , perhaps in a biker style with studs or buckles!

The boot also has the advantage of being warm and waterproof, perfect for when the temperatures outside drop.

A sexier version of ankle boot is the ankle boot with heel , laced or not: more refined and feminine in shape, they often come with medium-high heels that are quite massive, which allow you to be chic and comfortable at the same time.

Obviously, boots cannot be missing in a lady's wardrobe: the upper can reach the knee, mid-calf or even mid-thigh, as fashion dictates this year with over-the -knee boots , suitable for those most sensitive to the cold!

The boot is perfect for tackling cold and wet winters, walking fearlessly through wet and perhaps frozen city streets; it goes very well with dresses and skirts or with leggings. Depending on the sole, the boot has a different character: they can have the so-called tank or a delicate leather sole, square or stiletto heel…

Whatever type of shoe you have your eye on, good luck finding it!

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