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Winter is upon us

28 Oct 2022
L'inverno è alle porte

It's almost time for winter to arrive, warm and comfortable shoes will be what we need to face the cold season. The Ugg brand , a must for years now as regards practical, high quality footwear and attention to every detail, offers the Ugg Arielle model .

The inside of the boot is lined in sheepskin, while the outside is worked in reverse sheepskin. The sheepskin is a material of excellent quality, the thick and soft coat is soft in the fit and at the same time it is also extremely resistant. The sheepskin being a natural and non-synthetic material allows the skin to breathe, in this way our feet will always be dry because the external humidity will not be able to penetrate and the body temperature inside the boot will always keep our feet in a warmth constant.

The Arielle Ugg model has a clean and essential line, but not without a touch of original femininity. A bow has been inserted into the back of the boot which makes it absolutely unique and unmistakable. The care in the finishes, the rubber sole and the pure wool insoles seal this boot in an overall perfection always at the top of the Ugg Brand.

This Ugg model is available on our SergioFabbri online shop , find out now, Ugg ankle boots are a necessary and timeless garment for the winter season!

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