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How to wear Dr Martens combat boots even in summer

28 Oct 2022
Come indossare gli anfibi Dr Martens anche d'estate

Who said you can't wear Dr. Martens boots in the summer?
A winter must-have that can be used for all 365 days of the year thanks to the versatile style capable of adapting to any look.
So choose them for a casual outfit or on those days with uncertain weather...

How did Dr. Martens become one of the most relevant modern brands?
In 1901, the Griggs family was very famous for producing very strong and extra resistant work boots for 60 years. In 1945, Dr. Klaus Maertens, a 25-year-old soldier, broke his foot during an accident; in the period of convalescence he creates a sole with an air cushion (instead of the traditional hard leather sole) so as to facilitate healing. Maertens later made a prototype shoe by showing it to an old university friend and mechanical engineer, Dr. Herbert Funk. The two friends thus enter into a company using decommissioned military supplies to start producing their shoes. In 1947 they began to produce officially and the company had a real commercial boom with a target of older women. In 1959, they decided to advertise their revolutionary footwear invention in overseas magazines. The Griggs company was now managed by the third generation of the Bill family, together with brothers Ray, Colin and son Max. Leafing through a magazine, Bill was struck by the German advertisement for an innovative cushioned sole. He immediately decided to buy the patent by changing the company name to Dr. Martens.

But how to wear Dr Martens ankle boots in spring/summer?
You can wear combat boots in spring with tights or in summer with shorts or a flowing dress. Choose the classic evergreen black model with nappa leather upper and if you want to be daring, try it with yellow laces.
For a grounge chic summer look to wear during concerts and night outs, wear the combat boots with denim shorts and a soft top to complete with metal rock accessories! If you are a bit romantic, then you can also opt for floral patterned dresses in summer colors.

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