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Dansko: spring/summer 2018 collection

28 Oct 2022
Dansko: collezione primavera/estate 2018

With the new spring-summer 2018 collection Dansko was able to amaze everyone again this year with prestigious women's sandals made with high quality materials and unique well-being. Fashionable, simple but well-made footwear that sees a careful study behind their creation.

Born from Danish inspiration, the Dansko footwear brand sees the United States as its home. It is precisely from Europe that the founders of the company take their inspiration, more precisely in a small shop where they discover clogs of unique comfort. Back in America, the founding spouses decide to create a shoe modeled on clogs by making some revolutionary modifications, giving them more comfort and a better aesthetic appearance. Initially produced for friends and friends of friends, Dansko footwear soon became an icon of comfort and also made their debut in boutiques around the world. With its gritty and fresh style, the Dansko clog is also equipped with arch support, the secret of its famous comfort . After the fabulous success of Dansko clogs, the company never ceases to amaze its loyal customers by also creating a wide range of footwear with an always innovative and comfortable design. A real mix of functionality and aesthetics that sees an in-depth study behind it to guarantee unique customer satisfaction.

You can find the new Dansko spring/summer 2018 footwear collection on the online shop of

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