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Orciani: new spring/summer 2018 leather bags collection

28 Oct 2022
Orciani: nuova collezioni borse in pelle primavera/estate 2018

For the spring/summer 2018 season, Orciani has decided to create dream bags, structured but light, finely enriched with trendy details. Quality materials to which finishes such as leather knots have been added to keep up with the glamorous style of the year. Handbags and shoulder bags in various sizes combined with classic tones, neutral or dark colors. Business or walking bags, handbags or shoulder bags. You can find the new Orciani Bags 2018 collection available on the Sergio Fabbri online shop , discover the models and colors available now!

Born towards the end of the 70s from the personal needs of the founder, the Orciani brand is a mix between Made in Italy and Marche craftsmanship . The main goals? Quality of products and materials , professionalism and dexterity . The desire to create something inimitable and unobtainable on the market from nothing has led the company to become famous and known throughout the world, not only in the Marche region, not only in Italy. The Orciani leather goods business establishes as its corporate purpose that of producing and designing articles and accessories with first choice leathers .

Simple, minimal lines that adapt to every person and every type of customer; a constantly moving company, capable of creating new innovations such as the Nobuckle line, where we find a new interlocking closure system without using buckles, hinges and other closures.
Not only the pursuit of quality, but also respect for the environment ! The Marche-based company is in fact equipped with a photovoltaic system that powers the heating and guarantees electricity to the company. A company that doesn't show off, that stays eco-friendly, from waste to selected leathers, and that doesn't want to show off its brand on bags with huge logos and tacky details.

Sergio Fabbr i awaits you with the new collection of Orciani branded bags. Ride your summer with the beautiful and brand new Orciani fashion bags.

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