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Sneakers P448 spring/summer '18 collection

28 Oct 2022
Collezione Sneakers P448 spring/summer ’18


Don't miss the new P448 brand shoe collection . A brand created by young minds with a fresh and decisive style. Since 2014 P448 has been able to mix tradition and craftsmanship  with an eye towards the future and fashion from all over the world. The continuous search for trends and fresh styles makes P448 shoes an accessory to be worn every day, dedicated to both women and men. Special sneakers that reflect a casual and formal style at the same time. Made in Italy quality should be the only elements that push you to purchase these P448 shoes.


The new P448 spring/summer collection has a contemporary lifestyle as its ideal, an extravagant luxury shoe for both her and him. The search for colors and trends this year has meant that this brand was able to give us these handcrafted sneakers produced with quality materials and with unique and original details. 


Born in 2014 from an eclectic sensibility of two designers, Andrea Curti and Marco Samorè, the P448 shoe brand draws its own inspirations and projects them into its sneakers. Inspirations that come to life from the various Italian street-wear cultures.
Buy your pair of ultra-fashionable P448 shoes now on the Sergio Fabbri online shop .

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