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New Diadora Heritage 2018 Shoes Collection

28 Oct 2022
Nuova Collezione Scarpe Diadora Heritage 2018

With the new Heritage Spring/Summer 2018 Shoes collection , Diadora is aimed at both a female and male audience. A clientele that always wants to wear sports shoes in everyday life; running and tennis models made by Diadora between 1970 and 1980. Real style cones that we can rediscover in this new collection dedicated to spring and summer.

Diadora sneakers represent the perfect harmony between vintage style and contemporary fashion style. Always quality products and materials that make this shoe collection unique and modern . Diadora with its footwear is able to give anyone a casual and elegant style at the same time. The Italian brand that has become a true style icon in the world of shoes sees its entry into this sector in 1948, creating a perfect combination of urban style and outdoor sports activities.

The Heritage shoe collection was born with the idea of ​​creating a fashionable shoe of quality and technological innovation; a fashion, comfortable and sporty shoe, suitable for any occasion and made with unique materials. Discover all the models of the new Spring / Summer 2018 collection on the Sergio Fabbri online shop .

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