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Premiata shoes: a stunning new spring/summer 2018 collection

28 Oct 2022
Scarpe Premiata: una nuova collezione da urlo primavera/estate 2018

Comfortable and chic at the same time, the Premiata shoe is ideal for any occasion and the new spring/summer 2018 collection is the confirmation. There are so many new shoes for this season and for every style taste: sporty models with a refined style suitable for both a daily look and a more elegant evening look. Premiata is always the right choice for every occasion, fashion and personality. Always made with great skill, Premiata shoes represent meticulous and precise work with great attention to detail.

The new spring/summer 2018 collection is suitable for those who always want to amaze those who look at them: floral and classic patterns available in different harmonious and balanced colours. The company's goal is to give life and offer something new through ideas projected into the future without forgetting the past. Continuous pursuit of excellence, with particular designs and product quality. The sneakers of the new Premiata collection have a wide and varied style that mixes elegance and sportiness in a natural way. A brand from the Marches launched in the late 80s that gives those who wear Premiata shoes a personal style that goes beyond current fashions. Models of sneaker shoes suitable for men and women that convey a balance between the classic and the modern . Don't miss out on the footwear from the new Premiata 2018 spring/summer collection.

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