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Kendall + Kylie: the trendy shoes of the Jenner sisters

28 Oct 2022
Kendall + Kylie: le scarpe alla moda delle sorelle Jenner

Discover the Kendall + Kylie collection on the Sergio Fabbri online shop .
The trendy footwear designed by the Jenner sisters, fashion addict girls who have dictated fashion since their inception.

Kendall + Kylie is a globally recognized lifestyle brand created by beloved fashion powerhouse and style icons, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. With a unique and unrivaled presence in the social world, Kendall and Kylie have defined themselves as two of the most popular and important icons of this generation . Their dresses and footwear capture the unpredictable essence of today's fashion-loving young girl: confident, elegant, trendy and responsible.

Kendall + Kylie was born in 2012; hence the Jenner sisters launched the highly successful 'Pacsun' collection which ushered in numerous new seasons and an obviously loyal clientele. Three years later, Kendall and Kylie teamed up with Topshop to create a series of California-inspired capsule collections exclusively for the UK retailer. Discover now the shoes designed by the Jenner sisters, you can find a lot of variety in the models; from sneakers to sandals with heels, even boots, pumps and high boots . Total black footwear that can be combined with any outfit, sporty or elegant.

Choose to be fashionable too with Kendall + Kylie footwear, choose the inimitable and trendy style of the most famous sisters on Instagram! Sergio Fabbri awaits you with Kendall + Kylie sandals and sneakers, discover the prices!

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