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Christmas is coming !

28 Oct 2022
Il Natale sta arrivando !

Christmas is upon us, there are only two weeks left until the fateful December 25th, for those who haven't done it yet, it's time to think about gifts :-)

Every year we find ourselves rolling in our heads all the possible wishes of others and our own in search of the special gift, which will make us happy and make the people we love happy.

But often the choice falls on objects that the following year have already been forgotten in some corner or have already been replaced with newer ones. Every year we realize that we have bought items that we later realize are useless, just for following quick impulses to grab the first thing that pops in front of our eyes! Some things, on the other hand, must be chosen more calmly and their value does not end immediately, on the contrary they are enhanced through daily use. An informed purchase of objects that reflect the desires and tastes of the people we address them to but which at the same time we know are of a value that goes beyond the span of 12 months.

Our footwear satisfies the most diverse needs , because on our online shop you can find many items from the best-known brands of shoes and bags . A vast roundup of the most successful brands in which you can recognize the tastes of your loved ones. Objects that are not to be thrown away after only one year of life but that remain faithful to them for years, increasing their value through use that transforms their appearance into vintage and highlights their beauty even more. A fine shoe or a bag are objects that will never tire you, the pleasure of wearing quality footwear will not only make your feet feel better but will enhance all your clothing with its inimitable touch. Owning a prestigious bag or shoes is a gift that should be given to anyone, making a person special through an object that you know reflects their personality and being. An object that completes not only her wardrobe but also her essence, making each one unique and different and therefore special.

For your Christmas gifts, go and visit our shoe and bag shop and you will see that you will find that particular gift you were looking for, that gift that makes each person different because it is also through our appearance that we express our character.

Browse the Sergio Fabbri online shop. Here you can find low shoes, boots, ankle boots, ankle boots, amphibians, all rigorously Made in Italy, with a unique and captivating design, produced with high quality leather. Happy shopping!

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