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Bags collection I Love Moschino

28 Oct 2022
Borse collezione I Love Moschino

Born in 2009 , the new Moschino brand LOVE MOSCHINO, which took the place of Moschino Jeans , has already conquered many young customers who appreciate the line of the lively and trendy collection. The items have been treated in detail, a sparkling collection full of details that make each piece unique and special.

Stylized hearts, lace, chains, rhinestones and many other minute essences fascinate and surprise, the balanced dosage between irony and qualitative research make this collection an icon of fashion and enrich the wardrobe with original oufits. The more accessible prices have soon decreed its success especially by young people who are always looking for particular pieces to combine with their clothing. The quilted leather mini backpacks from the I LOVE MOSCHINO collection are inspired by some originals from the 90s, the tassels and chains finish chiseling these models which immediately found a favorable response from the public. A modern line full of charm that has not only had feedback in the world of young people but also by various women. The innate grace of these creations has also been captured by a larger target than the younger one, an accessory that has conquered women of different ages who have appreciated the free but refined style, perfect to be shown off on various occasions, from a dinner by candlelight on a walk downtown with friends.

The quilted bucket bags have been selected by several customers to be shown off during the day, thanks to their comfort many women have chosen them to always be carried with them in their various daily commitments. The Mini bag and the pochette, on the other hand, were preferred for social or romantic evenings. Their discreet but impactful shape was chosen to be flaunted and make a dress or suit even more exclusive. The large bags in the collection are highly appreciated for being combined with both formal and special situations. Their large capacity allows you to carry everything you need for anything without losing its charm. The geometric quilting of some pieces is truly effective, almost all the models are chiseled with the gold-plated Lettering logo applied on the front which makes the brand to which they belong immediately recognizable.

Love Moschino is therefore a fashion collection for a young woman who wants to stand out and value herself, but also for women who choose these creations for their elegance and practicality. Love Moschino bags and accessories reflect the will to live and the style of every woman with a carefree and casual touch. There are many icon bags in the Love Moschino collection: bucket bag, mini bag, pochette, quilted bag, pouch, all models are full of creativity and enriched with exclusive and refined materials!

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