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New promotion: -10% on Sneaker New Rock

28 Oct 2022
Nuova promozione: -10% su Sneaker New Rock

You can find New Rock ankle boots on the Sergio Fabbri store in promotion at an exceptional price.
The New Rock brand breaks into our online shop and breaks the mould; a shoe that leaves no room for interpretation and immediately imposes itself for its decisive character.
An ankle boot that captures attention; total black dominates, while metal inserts enhance and underline the details.
With a gothic air, with punk and rock influences, this is how the NEW ROCK M-106-C66 sneaker presents itself.
They are part of the " Metallic Collection " line of this brand, where metal embellishes each creation and makes it special.
An upper in genuine black leather , worked to obtain harmonious and at the same time decisive lines; small circles carved on the side create an unprecedented effect, while the strings, also in black, have metal parts and rotate around loops of the same material on the shoe itself.
The platform deserves a separate discussion, with a variable height ranging from 5 to 7 cm, and a design with variable volumes and deliberately gothic references, which have made the New Rock style famous.
The sole is completed by the inevitable insert, obviously in metal.
Admire this ankle boot on the Sergio Fabbri online shop , it is available in different sizes ranging from number 36 to number 41.
A pleasant surprise for you! We offer you this sneaker in promotion for less than 10% off the list price: a unique opportunity to show off this wonderful New Rock creation.
Order it immediately, you will receive it comfortably at your home ; and remember that if the order is placed on weekdays by 2 pm, we will ship your new pair of shoes the same day!
Take advantage of Sergio Fabbri 's promotions to buy your new footwear; choose to be trendy, choose New Rock!

Discover the New Rock promotion

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