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Awarded: the collection of sneakers on Sergio Fabbri

28 Oct 2022
Premiata: la collezione di sneakers su Sergio Fabbri

If you are a person who loves wearing trendy footwear, you know that sneakers are a shoe that cannot be missing in your wardrobe.
We are talking about a shoe that has evolved over time: born exclusively for playing sports, over the years it has become an integral part of everyday outfits in every context.
It has met fashion and embraced the contemporary , it has implemented quality materials, sartorial workmanship, combinations of the most varied, sometimes even atypical, and from an often anonymous sneaker, it has transformed into an elegant shoe that stands out and remains impressed in the mind of the beholder.
In short, a sneaker can best characterize every look for both men and women.
Among the many companies that have been able to best interpret this philosophy there is certainly Premiata , which has always been at the forefront in its commitment to creating real objects of modern design , enclosed in a single comfortable and practical shoe .
Obviously the Premiata creations are present within Sergio Fabbri .
Premiata creates shoes that stand out for their high aesthetic value combined with the quality of construction, products that keep the Italian flag high.
Combinations that are always new and never taken for granted amaze and are appreciated in each new collection.
Among the many here is the Sneaker PREMIATA STEVEN-D 4723
So hyper-feminine and so unconventional, it emphasizes every woman, leaving her free to move easily throughout the day without giving up her own sophisticated style.
An upper in white printed leather, embellished by the Premiata logo in black patent leather, laces in peach pink nuance, and the final touch: the back of the heel in gold glitter!
A rubber sole completes this women's sneaker.
It is available in sizes ranging from number 36 to number 40.
Discover the whole Premiata collection on the Sergio Fabbri shop, you will be amazed by their price, take advantage of the promotions (hurry up they have a limited duration!), buy your new Premiata Sneakers on the Sergio Fabbri store.

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