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Discover the P448 sneakers

28 Oct 2022
Scopri le sneakers P448

Have you seen the P448 footwear collection on the Sergio Fabbri store? The brand is synonymous with high-quality sneakers handcrafted in Italy.
Made in Italy in the soul: at first glance of excellent workmanship, original in everything, but never excessive, they manage to enhance your outfits in a sublime way.
Created by designers who have harmony and the good life in their DNA, which have made Italians famous all over the world.
Shoes designed for those who love sportwear, instantly recognizable, and give anyone who wears them that something extra.
The upper, the leather inserts, the coordinated laces make each P448 sneaker a unique shoe; each with a distinct personality that fits your feet perfectly.
Observe them on the Sergio Fabbri shop , let yourself be conquered by the different details, and fall in love with them.
Shoes that go perfectly with both men's and women's looks, P448 has created a spring summer 2020 collection that is remembered.
For example the Sneaker model P448 COJOHN-M WHI/FRED
It is not for everyone to be able to create such a successful mix of shades, but P448 has succeeded and in a skilful way has combined orange (present on the back), beige in contrast in the front, silver inside (together with the black) and the gray of the strings.
Complete this splendid model designed for men, the now iconic perforated logo present in the upper in white leather.
A sneaker available in various sizes ranging from number 40 to number 45.
Sergio Fabbri is pleased to offer you all P448 footwear at the best price around, take advantage of it, the promotions in the store have a limited duration!
Remember that we deliver quickly directly to your home... a method that becomes very fast if you place your order by 2 pm on weekdays, because we ship the same day !
Is it time for new sneakers?! Choose P448 on Sergio Fabbri.

Discover all the P448 footwear

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