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New brands on Sergio Fabbri: Gold&Gold

28 Oct 2022
Nuovi brand su Sergio Fabbri: Gold&Gold

Spring time, time for news on the Sergio Fabbri store!
There are many new brands that you can find on our shop, today we present Gold&Gold .
The company is synonymous with elegant and sporty footwear, perfect for a contemporary woman who loves to live life without depriving herself of anything.
Sneakers and pumps that are suitable for any situation at all times of the day, impeccably made by combining different materials and colors, creating unique and beautiful to look at shoes.
A wide range that enhances the woman 's foot, and goes well with any style.
Every woman in Gold&Gold will find the ideal shoe , and will be able to buy it at the best price on the Sergio Fabbri online shop.
An example? The GOLD&GOLD GA725 SILVER sneaker
Full of vivacity and style, it has a sporty soul, which is immediately noticeable; made with a smooth and white upper in faux leather, combined with silver laminate inserts.
Two details that make it unique, the side star, and the back of the heel also in faux leather, but here in yellow.
Gray strings complete the look.
The bottom is 2 centimeters high and allows you to wear these shoes all day long in a comfortable way.
On Sergio Fabbri you can also find this shoe in other shades, the available sizes range from 36 to 41.
Discover all the Gold&Gold sneakers and décolletage on our online shop, take advantage of the best price and the convenience of receiving your new shoes directly to your home .
Remember that inside Sergio Fabbri there are interesting extra discount codes that will allow you to buy what you want at an even cheaper price.
Choose Gold&Gold, buy it on the Sergio Fabbri shop.

Discover all Gold&Gold footwear

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