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28 Oct 2022
Super promo: DOPPIO SCONTO!

New promotions on the Sergio Fabbri store!
If you order an item on sale , you will receive a GOOD 20% DISCOUNT to be used on new arrivals !
Save first by buying for only 59.90 euros including shipping costs!
Then save another 20% on new arrival purchases!
Search now for your shoes in the sales section and receive the 20% discount coupon for the new collections!

The 20% discount code cannot be combined with other current offers and is valid only online.
This promotion has a limited duration, we reserve the right to interrupt it at any time.
Don't miss this opportunity, order online now!

Who can get the 20% discount coupon?
Anyone who orders one or more items on sale at a price of €59.90 will be entitled to a 20% discount code which can also be used immediately for new arrivals !
If you placed an order of this type in March and would like to receive the discount code, write to us in private! We will get it to you!
Search now for your shoes on sale and receive the 20% discount coupon for the new collections!
Take advantage of it!

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