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New promotion: -20% on P448 footwear

28 Oct 2022
Nuova promozione: -20% su calzature P448

The promotion that offers you the best footwear and the best clothing and accessories for women and men at less than 20% continues on the Sergio Fabbri store.
A unique opportunity in this summer 2020 that will allow you to renew your wardrobe with trendy clothes and shoes with a contemporary style.
The best brands, also for what concerns the new collections at an exceptional price.
Among the many Masions participating in the promotion today, we point out P448.
in perfect balance between elegance and sportiness.
With P448 you will be at ease in any situation, and you can stand for hours; comfortable and beautiful, they go perfectly with any outfit.
Instantly recognizable , they are available in many color combinations, all with their own personality, it's up to you to choose the one you like best.
Designed for both men and women, they manage to conquer with their design that fits perfectly into any context.
For example the P448 S20JOHN-M ROYTEC Sneaker
A men's shoe that brings with it all the characteristics that have always distinguished P448; an upper in blue and black mesh, details in black suede and to complete the whole a perforated tongue in silver.
the white tip stands out, as well as the back, of the same color that bears the logo.
Discover it at its best on our shop, it is available in sizes ranging from number 40 to number 45.
You can order it in promotion at less than 20%, and receive it quickly at your home in a short time.
Remember that if you order by 2 pm on weekdays, the order will be shipped the same day and you can wear your new shoes right away.
Sergio Fabbri always offers you the best of fashion at the best price.
Choose P448 footwear, buy them on our shop.

Discover the new Sergio Fabbri promotion

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