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ASH shoes: the 2018 summer collection

28 Oct 2022
Scarpe ASH: la collezione estate 2018

The summer collection of the ASH brand awaits you on the Sergio Fabbri online shop! If you are looking for eccentric and trendy footwear, you have chosen the right brand. The ASH company was born in 2000 and immediately had clear and fashionable ideas, attributed by the two founders Calvani and Ithier: a mix of Italian-French passions characterized by the made in Italy , the tradition of Italian tanneries and the French allure. ASH aims to compete on a certain selected market at competitive prices . A multifaceted style, which looks glamorous and which always tries to follow the needs of the fashionable public in an ironic and trendy way. ASH shoes are suitable for customers of all ages but, above all, for those who always look for details and always want to remain impeccable.

The ASH 2018 summer collection is full of surprises; studs, glitter, golden details and much more. If you have a refined style, you cannot miss the Edgy Moccasin , characterized by the gold heel and the important, always golden buckle. For an elegant evening, the Remix sandal is the right one: not too high, comfortable and beautiful. Dedicated to women with a free style, the Mexican Boots are the evergreen suitable for both summer and winter. Even sports souls can find the shoe of their dreams, always remaining fashionable: Sneakers Addict . You can't miss the ASH footwear collection! Available on the Sergio Fabbri online shoe shop.

Look now at the ASH 2018 summer new collection >>

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