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UGG: the timeless furry boots that are always in fashion

28 Oct 2022
UGG: gli intramontabili stivaloni con il pelo sempre alla moda

No, we haven't gone crazy. In view of September and the small drop in temperatures, today we will tell you about the furry UGG boots . Not everyone knows that these shoes, in addition to keeping their feet warm in winter, are also capable of keeping them cool in summer! September could bring a drastic drop in temperatures (compared to August) so don't be caught unprepared and choose UGGs too! Born in Australia and created by surfers, today the brand has an American home and is worn by everyone: bloggers, influencers and even Hollywood actresses. It doesn't matter the look, because fur boots can be combined with any item of clothing! Ankle length , mid length and knee length , the choice is yours! Available in neutral and elegant colors , UGGs are a must for every woman with an almost 50-year history behind them! Suede outside and furry inside, these are the main characteristics of the most copied boots in the world and which today are also embellished with glitter, bows and diamonds. Obviously you can find them available on Sergio Fabbri's online shop at enviable prices .

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