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A true masterpiece!

28 Oct 2022
Un vero capolavoro!

Nira Rubens Sneakers are true works of art! In fact, the shoe becomes the painter's canvas in which the creativity and inspiration of true creatives is imprinted. Footwear hand painted in an artistic laboratory, the creations are original and absolutely unique. The shoe immediately acquires that particular lived-in aspect, which makes it special, spontaneous and immediate creativity is imprinted on each model, creating an emotional continuity that is transmitted to anyone who wears them.

Nira Rubens shoes are all hand painted in Italy, available in different colors and models.

The Sneaker model NIRA RUBENS DACU85 DAIQUIRI HEART has a red heart on the side of the shoe, the heart widens touching the sole thus uniting the image in an embrace. The leather insert on the back heel takes up the red colour, visually uniting these two elements in a perceptive reference of incredible effect. Comfortable and simple shoes that convey lightness and vitality. A unique shoe that adapts to any daily outfit, immediately distinguishing itself for the original detail that makes it different from all the others.

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