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From New York City for you!

28 Oct 2022
From New York City for you!

Directly from the Big Apple, the Pony sneaker brand dates back to 1972 on the feet of great champions. Right from the start, Pony shoes grabbed an important slice of the public, that of sportsmen. Used by great basketball players, baseball champions and even by the timeless legend of the ball Pelè, the Pony sneakers have also landed in our country, you can find them at Sergio Fabbri Shoes.

It is known if a shoe is of quality certainly who knows who wears it and who better than sportsmen?
Intensive use, subjected to completely different loads and efforts than most, but a guarantee of quality and endurance that truly surpasses records. Simple in lines and style, but refined in the details that fully convey the underground style of the American metropolis. The Pony brand creates shoes for men and women, in leather, suede and clearly in different heights, in the low and high versions, just like it's the most popular in the USA.

The clearly American style of making shoes, clean, but functional, just what you need for a busy life. If you are looking for an American style shoe that is of quality and at the same time manages to keep up with your life, Pony is the right shoe for you. Models with glitter or with a shiny effect pink logo for the most fashionable ones, suede and smooth leather for the more casual models to choose from. The trendy colors for every season, raised sole available in contrast or matching the rest of the shoe.

Casual, but with determination, refined in the details, the Pony sneakers represent the missing piece in an impeccable and cool style.

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