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An alternative tradition!

28 Oct 2022
Una tradizione alternativa!

The Lemargo brand was born from a long family tradition in the Marche footwear sector. The passion for fashion combined with high quality craftsmanship has made this brand grow and make its way over time to become a reference for both women's and men's shoes. An innovative brand that is grafted onto a very long experience, handed down from generation to generation, a tradition that has been able to stand out for its ability to reinvent shoes with classic lines with a more combative and modern touch. The Lemargo collections draw their creative strength from the maturation of years of work in the footwear sector, in the attention to detail and high quality workmanship, which has allowed him to experiment with alternative shapes and lines while maintaining the craftsmanship always of the highest level.

The Lemango men's ankle boot model AB11A in ebony color from the new autumn winter 2017 collection fits perfectly into this exemplary synergy of innovative tradition. The lines take up the classic style of the men's ankle boots we are used to but the final result differs in originality and grit. The double zip inserted on the sides, to facilitate the fit, is slightly wavy, an original cut that immediately gives a touch of personality. The upper is in washed leather, a detail that immediately gives the shoe a lived-in look.

A boot that can be worn both during the day and in the evening and can be combined with many items of clothing. It can be combined with a casual style with jeans and a t-shirt to which it gives elegance, or to more formal and classic clothing which it goes perfectly with, transmitting a strong character, thanks to the details that make the difference.

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