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Sex appeal never sets!

28 Oct 2022
Il sex appeal non tramonta mai!

The “Giampaolo Viozzi” brand was created in the early eighties by its namesake founder the design Giampaolo Viozzi. Thanks to creativity combined with a strong passion, the Brand imposes itself on the market with original and high quality women's footwear. The accuracy of the materials used, the attention to new trends, have made it possible to create these unique shoes, the result of high-level craftsmanship that takes care of every detail. Originality and quality are therefore the keywords of the Viozzi collections, in fact every single model is a unique creation, which Giampaolo himself supervises personally.

The Viozzi C07249F boot is a women's boot in red leather (Flamingo colour) with a gathered effect tube leg, 10 cm high cone heel, leather lining, leather sole, all rigorously Made in Italy.

A boot that immediately expresses sensuality and elegance. The intense but not excessive color allows it to be worn even during the day. A natural grit for a determined and self-confident woman who shows all her sex appeal. Worn with skirts or short dresses it brings out the legs, the gathered effect of the upper makes this model more versatile than a straight tube model. A style that winks at the boots of the 70s of which even the shape of the cone heel takes up the idea.

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