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The Sneaker with grit!

by Shopify API 28 Oct 2022
La Sneaker con grinta!

The imperative of the Australian brand Windsor Smith is the search for an innovative and strongly alternative style compared to the models available on the market. The shoes in the collections are characterized by a gritty character, a choice of comfortable materials that allow them to be worn with ease and practicality, thus winning over an extensive clientele of young people.

Shoes with a captivating shape, with decisive lines and geometries that immediately give a strong personality. Thanks in large part to the Brand's decision to focus on a team of talented young designers who quickly and dynamically capture all the new trends and create models that reflect their tastes and needs. The brand founded by the Australian designer of the same name has quickly become a must for the new generations who have appreciated the ductility of the proposed creations, capable of creating always different and fashionable outfits. One of the immediately striking features of the Windsor Smith Brand collections is the preference for black and white, even if nuances ranging from nude to animal-style prints are often added.

The WINDSOR SMITH RACERR SATIN BLACK WHITE sneaker is a sneaker with a platform sole. The recrrs are characterized by a rounded shape that takes up the idea of ​​the “ Air Force ” style. A 3.5 cm plateau makes this model instantly recognizable and unique. Worn with jeans or leggings, they combine a touch of originality and freshness with casual everyday clothing. But they can also be worn with elegant skirts or trousers to play down more serious outfits.


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