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The right boots for the frost!

28 Oct 2022
Gli Stivali giusti per il gelo!

This type of boot was traditionally worn for snow hunting by Aboriginal Canadians, in fact the word 'mukluk' is an Indigenous word. Our ancestors created them thousands of years ago from natural hides and skins to survive in the coldest places in Canada. The boots and moccasins of the Muks company recall the style of these ancient tribes of hunters, continuing the ancient tradition but combining them with modern techniques and materials to create functional mukluks for urban environments. All Muks boots and moccasins are handmade with waterproofing materials used by our ancestors.

Let it Snow! Your feet will always stay warm, no matter if the cold is particularly bad this winter! You will leave the house even in the worst "wolf weather" sure that your feet will not suffer any bad weather. Whether it rains or snows, nothing changes, your feet will not get wet or suffer from the external frost. The new collection of Muks Taupe Boots combines suede with studs and luxurious fur to add an extra touch, maintaining the traditional Mukluk look. These boots are very cute and lively, as well as being made of natural materials embellished with faux fur inserts . These boots are made in an ecological and sustainable way with a craftsmanship that makes each shoe unique and original.

Muks boots have laces with knobs embellished with pom poms, tag label printed on the back, rounded toe, rubber sole signed by the designer and lined in wool. The inside is in suede and rabbit while the outside is embellished with details with colored beads. Wear them with skinny jeans and a leather jacket for a trendy look inspired by Kate Moss , who has already included them in her personal wardrobe! A luxe wool lining and soft rabbit trim make Muks suede boots a stylish choice for cold weather.

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