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The "pull-on" ankle boot par excellence!

28 Oct 2022
Gli stivaletti "pull-on" per eccellenza!

The history of the BLUNDSTONE brand begins in Australia when two brothers emigrated from England, and precisely to Melbourne. Here they started their business and founded their first company which bears the name precisely BLUNDSTONE . Over time the company has become one of the major producers of heavy footwear specialized in the agricultural, forestry, mining and industrial sectors. Another feature of the shoes is the injection molding system to make them waterproof. Today Blundstone is a leading company in the production of safety footwear also thanks to the revolutionary SPS MAX system.

Known above all in Italy as "pull-on" ankle boots, these shoes have now become an icon in fashion. Appreciated for their essential and clean lines, maximum comfort and the guarantee of always having dry and warm feet, as the leather is completely waterproof and this characteristic is due to specific treatments to which the leather is subjected during the processing.

The Blundstone Black Voltan Red Ankle Boot incorporates all the features that have made the Blundstone brand so successful, giving it a touch of modern and exclusive style. The red ornamental stitching combined with the same nuance of the side elastics make this model absolutely original, allowing you to combine this shoe with different combinations of your wardrobe that you can use on different occasions, from the most everyday to more social events.
The vulcanized bottom of the boot makes it resistant to acids, oils and organic fats. An impact protection system in the midsole makes every step light and cushioned. The seamless fusion between the upper and the sole allows you to avoid painful points due to rubbing of the toes.

The tie rods inserted inside the shoe are used to facilitate the fit and make it faster with each insertion.

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