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A simple and natural choice!

28 Oct 2022
Una scelta semplice e naturale!

The Novesta brand has its origins in the 1930s, when the shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata opened his first factory in Slovakia. In 1992 the Novesta brand was born, which also produces sneakers. Still made the old-fashioned way using top quality materials, such as natural rubber, linen and cotton. No chemicals or glues are used for these shoes. The fixing of the sole to the shoe takes place via a machine that impresses the sole on the rubber, then the shoe is expertly finished thanks to the craftsmanship. The alternative method of production that favors hand-made workmanship has allowed Novesta over time to become one of the most loved and popular brands in all of Europe.

Respect for the environment and the use of natural materials have allowed Novesta to be appreciated by an increasingly vast array of customers, who have identified themselves in this shoe in the name of simplicity, for an informal and relaxed look perfect with jeans and a t-shirt.

Novesta Star Master Trainers in felt on our Sergio Fabbri shop is available in military green, anthracite, burgundy. The clean silhouette has been given an insulated felt upper, a stylish finish and very comfortable to wear. Lace-up fastening, the upper is imprinted on the natural rubber sole. Each shoe is hand finished by skilled craftsmen.

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