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Bold style for effect!

28 Oct 2022
Stile deciso ad effetto!

The AS98 brand autumn-winter men's collection draws inspiration from the military environment, creating ankle boots and combat boots that recall its rigor in rounded and essential lines. A strong and determined character that contains an urban, punk rock soul. The proposed style is mixed with the severity of the shape of the boots or amphibians with details that recall the Chinese world and the Baroque. Contaminations made even more precious and unique by the careful choice of nubuck or suede leathers, with deep and intense colors, with decisive and gritty details.

AS98 is the brand par excellence in contrasting lifestyles and ways of being. A brand that stands out for its strong personality, original ideas, forged by the love of discovery. Living in complete sensory freedom, ready to receive stimuli and opportunities from everyday life to develop authentic creations that go beyond trends. Everything stems from visual and artisanal experimentation, it is thanks to this combination that the AS98 brand has earned a place in the sun of considerable importance in the production of shoes and bags.

The brand attracts people who are looking for something different from everyone else. Something that reflects their soul and their emotions, that manages to get in touch not only with the mirror in front of them but also with the internal one.

The black ankle boot 327203 for men is in soft black/smoke greased nubuck with lace-up and zip closure for maximum comfort. The insole is in leather and the sole is in rubber.

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Sergio Fabbri
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