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Dr Martens 1460 amphibian

28 Oct 2022
Anfibio Dr Martens 1460

The Dr Martens 1460 model is a real icon, a cult shoe that has been the object of a real veneration by many young people and which has accompanied several generations from 1940 to today. After the 60s these shoes, used above all by workers who appreciated them for their sturdiness and comfort, moved from the field of work to that of fashion, thanks above all to the subculture of Mods who adopted Dr Martens as a symbol of a counter-current trend. often combining them with jeans.

The Dr Martens 1460 black for women is taken from the original model and is immediately recognizable for a series of unique features:

  • the Airwair sole in ribbed rubber (which can also be recognized thanks to the slight springing it provides when walking)
  • yellow stitching along the edge, matching eight-hole eyelets for lacing
  • the triple stitching of the opaque upper and the tape on the back of the shoe bearing the wording " Air Wair ".
  • This amphibian is made entirely of pure leather and guarantees resistance against abrasion and slipping.

Worn in a gritty way with essential items such as jeans and T-shirts, they give that nonconformist and decisive air that was one of the reasons that made them successful. But the beauty of this amphibian is also the ability to transform formal and elegant clothes. Thanks to its counter-current soul, it plays down and gives a hard touch to romantic outfits, allowing the wearer to immediately highlight the fact of being a self-confident person!

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